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Rynx. is a voice recorder that allows you to make voice recordings and link them with a wide variety of information—images, memos, and more.

Product version

Free version

Rynx. boasts the following features
Visible record & playback

Rynx. displays the waveforms of sound picked up by the microphone during recording in real time.

See at a glance whether your sound has been recorded correctly and at what time the sounds were recorded. 

Waveform size can be adjusted to fit the length of your device's screen for optimum visibility, no matter the length of your recording.

Movie & photo capture

Record clear, crisp video & still images whenever you want, for as long as you want. 

Places a drastically reduced strain on iPhone free space compared to video-only recording. 

Recorded movies & images displayed with precise timing during playback.

Location tracking

Rynx. continuously monitors locations during recording and will provide a final map of your recording route. 

Load a recording site and take advantage of Rynx's route mapping feature to guide you to your destination. 


Leave memos wherever you want on the waveform. 

You can also leave memos on other projects and highlights.


Add color to important spots so they stand out.

And Rynx.'s highlight feature goes even further—

highlighted areas can also be used for playback loops, trimming, and other secondary functions.

Event table

Displays recording events such as memos, highlights, videos, & images at a glance. 

Use the filter function to pick out particular events from the crowd.

Support for low sounds, too

Raise the mic's input amplification to record tiny sounds at up to 10 times their original volume.

Powerful trimming features

Rynx. offers seamless waveform trimming (elimination of or cropping to the selected range).

Rynx. also offers trimming within a video playback range or to a highlighted range.

Clear project management

Manage your recording data all in one place.

Assign projects to groups to play back projects without confusion.

Convenient sharing features

You want to share your projects with others.

You want enable others to view your project data even if they don't have Rynx.

You want to reorganize your project into one movie and share the results.


Rynx. can make these dreams a reality. 

Rynx. users can use Rynx. to share their project data. All data will be reproduced perfectly. 

Sharing plain data will make it viewable in the popular jpeg & mp4 formats. 

Restructure the sounds, photos, and videos in your project into one long movie during movie creation. 

Rynx. will still display the created waveform even when there is no accompanying video.

Fullscreen support

ynx. supports optimized screen sizes on iPhone4S and all later devices.


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